Music School

The Wakefield Music School offers music lessons and support for a range of instruments and fields of study.

This is a music school run by a real working musician. Greg has an extensive teaching history and continues to perform, write, arrange and produce music. See About for more information on Greg's experience.

All lessons are private (one-on-one) and run for 30 or 60 minutes. Group lessons are available by arrangement.

The Studio is located just outside of Wakefield, Quebec on Lac Gauvreau.

Parents are welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting room with cable TV and free wifi.

Lesson times are available from 9am-9pm Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday.

Wakefield Music School offers lessons for ages 6 & up.

Cost: $25 per 30 minutes

At the Wakefield Music School you can learn what you want, when you want.

You're not locked into a weekly schedule and lessons bought in bulk can be taken at any time within a year.

All students are taught the fundamental skills for their instrument.

All students are encouraged to find their own voice and choose songs to learn that interest them.

Greg has a vast library of resources and if he doesn't have the music and can't get it he will transcribe it for you.

Contact us to make an appointment today.

List of instruments and fields of study:

  • Guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Drums and percussion
  • Piano
  • Music Theory
  • Improvisation
  • Music Arranging
  • Music Technology
  • Instrument Maintenance

Contact us to make an appointment today.